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Consulting Services

Disruptive Analysis offers a broad range of bespoke analytical and advisory services to its clients. These range from short brainstorm sessions through to full-fledged research projects, providing detailed strategic recommendations and full back-up documentation.

Project Types   The majority of projects fall into 6 categories:


Internal Strategy & Business Development Workshops
Market Analysis and Forecasting
Sales and Marketing Support
Value Chain & Competitive Analysis
Due Diligence
Speaking Engagements

If your requirements fall outside these stereotypical examples, please contact us for further details.


Methodologies &  Proposals   Disruptive Analysis will develop a bespoke methodology for your project, irrespective of its size or complexity. We believe that consulting firms offering templated advisory offerings are often guilty of inflexibility.

A typical engagement for us begins with an email or a phone call, highlighting an area of research interest or a specific project requirement. Ideally, a prospective client will submit a formal brief or RFP.

Once we ascertain your precise requirements, we will submit a formal detailed proposal. This will include detailed information on our suggested approach to solving your problem, along with clear and unambiguous descriptions of deliverables and fees. Where appropriate, proposals can be subdivided into phases, or include optional additional research, analytical or delivery modules.

Inquiries: please email consultancy AT


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